This is the folder size in the Outlook client right? Because deleted items
in the Exchange admin doesn't correspond to the deleted items folder in the
client, and the behavior you are describing would be expected if we're
talking about the admin.

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> Subject: The Deleted Items folder
> Hello Everyone,
> I have a user using Outlook 2000 with Exchange 2000.
> He is at his mailbox limit size (100M).  HE had about 12M 
> worth of deleted items.  So he "Emptied Deleted Items", but 
> if I view the Folder Size it still says it is about 12M.  No 
> matter what I do it stays at 12M.  If I deleted mail, the 
> Deleted Items size increases, but whenever "Empty Deleted 
> Items", it doesn't go to "0", it stays at 12M. It is a laptop 
> using the Offline Stores.

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