First,I would read the paper disaster recovery.
Second,I would ask the question why can you not do full (normal) backups
every day unless of course your data outstrips your tape size on each
I think you are reading into differentials too deeply.
Personally I would recommend Veritas Backupexec as NTBackup is a
stripped down version albeit free, but again it comes down to the horses
for courses and each person can tell a different story where backups are
concerned. My reasoning is the restore times from testing are faster
with Veritas. Whether you want to pay that much more is the question?.

Yours sincerely,
Sean McGilligan

I realize there are no stupid questions but only stupid people who ask
questions so I'll throw my hat into the stupid ring as this is probably
very simple...

I finally got my boss to buy a DLT drive exclusively for each of my
Exchange 2000 servers.  From all I've read here and elsewhere I decided
to use NTBackup rather than ARCServe on my servers.  I cannot, however,
find a way to setup the backups correctly.  I aim to do a nightly full
backup at 11pm with differentials every two hours from 6am until 8pm
when the tape would be replaced for that night's backup.  I see in the
backup wizard how to set the daily backup as a "normal" and how to
schedule a second "differential" backup for only the information store
at my selected times.  However, the option to "append" rather than
overwrite the media is grayed out on the differential.  If this
differential is going to overwrite the full backup then a single tape
source for backup isn't feasible.  I'm sure it is but I'm just missing
something so anything you can offer would be appreciated.

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