You know, this has to be the best email I've read here and have archived
it for the day when my boss demands content filtering on our exchange
server, heh.

> You know, if you had been reading the list for one week, you would have seen
> that this very issue was discussed in at least two threads.  
> There's nothing you can do until you show your users how they actually get
> on people's sh!t lists.  If you can teach them how to avoid behavior that
> gets them on people's sh!t lists, then and only then your spam input will
> decrease.  
> Sure, you can install something like eManager (since you have ScanMail
> already, it's a cheap buy) but that just masks the problem.  Rest assured
> that Richard Cranium in accounting will subscribe to the cooking channel
> mailing list, or Jenny the Office Manager will forward the "Good Luck Totem"
> to everybody in her address book.  At that point Richard and Jenny will
> complain even louder when they receive spam because the content filter that
> YOU put in place doesn't work.  Then Johnny the PHB will tell you to
> increase the effectiveness of your content filter or lose your job.  You'll
> do it and Richard and Jenny will complain to Johnny that they are not
> receiving business critical e-mails.  Then Johnny will order you to go
> through all blocked messages and forward anything that is business critical.
> Soon, you'll discover that you can't do anything else but review the
> quarantined messages.  You'll advise Johnny the PHB to promote Avi the
> OfficeBoy to "Information Delivery Specialist" position where he can go
> through all the messages so you can go back to installing service packs.
> Should I go on?
> S.

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