Hello everybody.

My boss requests that every meeting request is automaticcaly accepted, for
every employee, because not everybody is accuatually at the office every

Can you help me find a solution to this?

We run Exchange 2000 server, the clients is Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2001
(on Macintosh computers).
I tried the Outlook setting for ressources, but this works only if people
is acctually booked as ressources.
I also looked around at slipstick.com.

I have the Exchange 2000... SDK, but is not very much into this.
So if I can find som code, i also need a sort of step by step guide.
I'm a Microsoft MCP becoming a MCSE so i get along well with the system,
but isn't much into VB-coding.

Thank you

By the way: is www.exchangecode.com dead or what??
No recent updates...

Kind regards
Morten B. Nielsen

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