lol. Nothing like over provisioning. ;) 

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> 400 Mailboxes and 1 gig of Ram does not sound right.  Your 
> primary problem is hardware.
> This is my minimum recommendation for your hardware requirements.
> Dual Pentium III 550 +
> Separate Raid Controller running in Raid 5 config.  (2 
> partitions logical) 2 Gig physical memory. 3 Gig Page File on 
> second partition Run optimizer and move the databases and log 
> files to 2nd partition.
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> Subject: High Physical Memory Utilization
> One of my colleagues recently reinstalled a 5.5 SP4 Exchange 
> Server on NT4 SP5 (only Exchange was reinstalled) and have 
> noticed that the Physical Memory Utilization sits at around 
> 99% (prior to the rebuild it was around 60%).  The server has 
> about 400 mailboxes on it and has 1Gb of physical memory and 
> 1Gb page file.  It is the same spec as 4 other servers in the 
> site which all sit at around 60% utilization.  As it is a 
> 24x7 service we offer on our server, down time is very 
> limited.  Is there any way I can check the performance 
> optimizer settings without stopping the store? Or are there 
> any other pointers that anyone can think of I can check?

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