+  int l = Ustrlen(code);
+  *ptr = result = store_get(1 + l/4 * 3 + l%4);

An easier (or at least shorter) fix would have been

uschar *result = store_get((Ustrlen(code)+1)*3/4 + 1);

Anyway, I wonder why we need two base64 decoding functions. Sure, they serve different purposes, but the inner parts mostly do the same (apart from error handling). Shouldn't we consolidate this? This surely would require some rework (e.g. the state needs to be saved between b64decode calls for robust mime decoding), but I guess it's worth the time to have cleaner code. I would surely prefer the decoding loop from mime_decode_base64 over the one in b64encode, not only because it's much shorter (20 lines vs. 50) and very much easier to read (I highly doubt the claims of b64encode "written out in a straightforward way" and "compact loop is messy"). Note that I might be a little biased here, as most of mime_decode_base64 was written by me :)

Any objections?

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