--- Comment #2 from Andreas Metzler <> ---
> Phil Pennock <> changed:
> That said, I'm can't see why stderr would have been empty before; I can find
> one change to the logic since 4.84 was cut, and that is a macro change to make
> feature selection more robust:

> This guards the entry to all this logic:
> -if (((debug_selector & D_any) != 0 || (log_extra_selector & LX_arguments) !=
> 0)
> +if (((debug_selector & D_any) != 0 || LOGGING(arguments))

> This guards the actual print:
> -  if ((log_extra_selector & LX_arguments) != 0)
> +  if (LOGGING(arguments))
>      log_write(0, LOG_MAIN, "%s", big_buffer);

> I've diffed exim.c from 4.84 against current master, and don't see anything
> which would change whether or not the config had even been read by this point.

As I have noted in the report, I think it is not exim that changed but
the surrounding system.

> (There are lots of changes here, but none I see as affecting this).

> I see that Debian's "debconf/conf.d/main/90_exim4-config_log_selector" file
> uses "+all -subject -arguments" for debugging.  Are you 100% sure that you had
> +arguments enabled before?

The original submitter was sure. And I could reproduce that stderr is
empty on older systems.

cu Andreas

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