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--- Comment #4 from Phil Pennock <> ---
It was not emitting the line as non-root because I was invoking a test config
file, with `-C`, so privileges were dropped back to me, which meant that Exim
did not later become the Exim runtime user.

If not invoked with -C, or invoked as root, then Exim drops privileges to the
Exim runtime user.  And then I see the line on stderr for both myself and for

I do now see one change which looks promising:

commit b25c9675b31bf159f8fcfae41e1f6fb3fe292fd7
Author: Heiko Schlittermann [strip email for bugzilla comment]
Date:   Thu Apr 7 09:05:06 2016 +0200

    Log: -bV should send all output to stderr/stdout

This sets the `log_testing_mode` variable when invoked `-bV`, which is used by
the logging system to log to stderr instead of to the real logs.

Was this backported to some systems?

I think this is the cause here.  I don't know why this change was made and what
output was being misplaced before, but it's a problem given that "-bV" is not
"emit and exit" but "emit and then do other normal things too", so someone
might be able to avoid having some logs written for outgoing mail through Exim,
by invoking Exim with -bV and then the normal args.  Because Exim re-execs
itself for deliveries, this should be okay and I think the actual delivery
would be logged.

Heiko, do you recall the rationale for this change?  I see nothing in

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