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> On 2019-01-04 Jeremy Harris via Exim-dev wrote:
>> On 04/01/2019 01:02, Florian Zumbiehl via Exim-dev wrote:
>>>  may I suggest you put that on the
>>> website somewhere?
>> It was already there, at https://bugs.exim.org/enter_bug.cgi

> That page only tells me that "Bugzilla needs a legitimate login and
> password to continue.".

Fair enough.

Once one is logged in or creates a log-in to file a report, it really is
quite straightforward:

http://www.exim.org/ --> [bugs]
https://bugs.exim.org/ --> [File a Bug]
https://bugs.exim.org/enter_bug.cgi which looks as attached

> And in any case, what I can say is that as a matter of fact I didn't find
> it when I needed it, even if you think that I should have.

http://www.exim.org/ --> [Security] could include a pointer.

cu Andreas

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