Oliver Egginger пишет:
>> Use of this "intelligent" behavior of MTA we can handle mail 
>> transactions more accuracy. This is very simple and efficient way.
> We use a similar approach. I wouldn't call it "simple". I wouldn't call
> it "\"intelligent\"". It's simply hard work. We combine asn, hostname,
> rbl and helo tests, dns adress verifikation and several other sanity
> checks in the pre data phase. Nevertheless, a lot of spam and malware
> pass through. Only a (full featured) spamassassin in conjunction with
> clamAV is able to clean it up.

Yor just not understand the basic terms of my post. Or, maybe, my English so 
bad, that it is hard to understand what I 
write. :-)

I never say "Do not use bayesian filters!".
I never say "Do not use antivirus!"

As about "intelligence":
Three of four check is not "intelligence behavior", but ~20 tests + greylisting 
+ challengelisting + blacklisting + 
whitelisting and using the MTA logic to manipulate of all of this is really 

 > Nevertheless, a lot of spam and malware
 > pass through.

Try to use a well-known construction, just above virus checking in Exim 


   warn    decode         = default
   drop    message        = Blacklisted file extension detected.
           condition      = ${if 


You would be surprised, the volume of viruses will decrease about a half.

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