Hi everyone,

I hope its ok to ask an off topic question in this group. I ask here because even though it is off topic its obviously closely related and I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the following:

In my exim servers I assign a very high spam assassin score to incoming mail servers without rDNS (RDNS_NONE = 4.5).

This has worked well for me blocking a fair amount of spam (or rather, pushing the overall score high enough to block the spam).

I have a client on my servers who cannot receive mail from one of their contacts. It turns out that this sender's forward and reverse records don't match exactly, eg:

mailsecurity-01.example.com. =>


dig -x => gateway.example.com.

So my question(s) are basically:

1) am I being too over the top assigning such high spam assassin to incoming mail without valid rDNS?

2) Should it be considered valid if the tld matches but not the sub domain as in the example above (and if so any pointers on how to achieve that in exim)?

Thank you,

John McMurray


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