On 2017-08-06 18:51, Jeremy Harris wrote:

> Actually, most (allegedly) lookups can be built for dynaminc linkage
> already.  Here's text from the Makefile:
> # If set to "2" instead of "yes" then the corresponding lookup will be
> # built as a module and must be installed into LOOKUP_MODULE_DIR.

Hmm, maybe I overlooked that.  But maybe not because it seems one still
needs to make all the same changes to the source when adding a module.

What I'm asking is that

1. a module can be built on its own, without also rebuilding the main

2. getting a module to be used is as simple as installing it in the
magic directory, plus maybe _one_ explicit mention in a _runtime_
config file.

Of course we would need to define a precise interface that modules must
provide; I don't think this is quite the case now.

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