I can send maill out from outlook thru my linux box all day.
I can't have any one reply to me or send me a message direct to my
domain.net address. ther error is generated.
my provider says everything is setup right on his end to have the mail from
my domain directed to my linux box ip.
try sending a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and see what error
you get.
ps (i am a windows computer expert not linux. I am learning linux :)   )

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> Robert,
> Do not confuse POP-3 with SMTP.  POP-3 is a way to RETRIEVE mail only.
> When you send mail, you utilize SMTP.  It sounds like the most likely
> explanation is independent of all of the above though.  Either your SMTP
> options in your E-mail program are incorrect (i.e.: an invalid SMTP host)
> the DNS server (that the SMTP server you connect to to send mail) can not
> correctly resolve the domain of your mail host that is the final delivery
> point.
> The (traveling) life of an E-mail
> -----------------------------
> Sender's mail client sends mail (SMTP) to it's listed SMTP host.
> The SMTP host then decides if the user is local:
> Yes, Skip to Drop step
> No, Pass mail on
> Pass mail onto server that holds the desired recipient (again utilizing
> Drop mail into recipient's mailbox
> Recipient checks for mail (POP-3)
> -----------------------------
> As for on-demand POP-3, that is controlled by the inetd daemon.  When a
> request to the POP-3 port is received, inetd calls the POP-3 server
> which then processes the actual request (to retrieve user's mail).  The
> goes for IMAP if you choose to *retrieve* your mail that way.
> Summary:  your POP-3 settings on your server should not have anything to
> with your server's ability to receive mail.  Look either at your sending
> e-mail program's SMTP setting and/or check that your server's DNS entry is
> current and correct.
> Enjoy,
> rharvey wrote:
> >
> > under service control in linuxconf
> > pop-3 says it it enabled on demand
> > I can send an email at from mydomain.net
> > but when I try to send a reply back or I try to send a new mail to my
> > domain.net it says Host unknown (Name server:
> > server1.rdcomputersolutions.net.: host not found)
> > does on demand cause this? if not what does?
> > please help.
> >
> > thanks
> > Robert
> >
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