>"Tony K. Olsen" wrote:
>> I do not wish to download any more 680MB files if I can help it :-)
>You neglect to assure us that the downloaded iso images matched their
>md5sum.  It is essential to check this.
>If the md5sums do not match, you do not have to re-download another
>680 MB.   Just use rsync to patch the errors out, which it will do if
>the name matches and the size or timestamp do not.   
>Ron. [AU]

    I think the problem was in the burning stage -- not quite sure why (4 
coasters made so far).  The md5sum checks out (using BeOS for md5sum/
cdrecord).  Until I get a Linux distribution working on this machine I am 
unable to use rsync as there is no BeOS version at this time.

    Thanks for the reply.  Much appreciated.

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