found a nice little cd utilty and player, GRIP, a gtk based thingy.
Looked good even had some help docs :)

All was well until I shut it down but clicking on the wee X in the top
RH corner. But then it would'nt start up again nor would alsaplayer.

First step shut down X and restart...no effect
so used rpmdrake to uninstall then a new install, , ..alsa player back ,
but not grip.

Also after running rpmdrake to remove and reinstall these packages,
clicking on the gnome foot on the tool bar no longer had any apps
Restarting X returned these.
I'd like to find where this package has disappeared to , its still
listed on the menu but fails to start.
After scrapping the windows machine, I'm using linux for everything
apart from the odd app which runs on Win4Lin.
Disk to disk copying and ripping is painfully slow on the apps I've
tried so far, grip has a ripping facility I'd like to try.

Any ideas what might have happened
Richard Bown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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