On Sat, 5 Jul 2003 05:58 pm, Brant Fitzsimmons wrote:
> KevinO wrote:
> >bascule wrote:
> >>any advantage over lame on a single cpu box?
> >
> >
> >Email off-list and will help you find/get a copy if you'd like to try it.
> > It integrates well with grip or use standalone from the command line. The
> > command line options are a little different from the others but fairly
> > simple.
> I found this through Google.  It seems like something worth checking out.
> http://www.linux.org/apps/AppId_1712.html

And as always - hit send button, followed by the results of a pbone search 
<forehead slap>

PLF has the gogo rpm for gogo 2.39b with all the extensions for various 
processor types compiled in

...which only goes to go <sorry, couldnīt resist!> - when you need anything 
multimedia-ish - especially US-license restricted

go to PLF
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