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It is the tree on the mirror that is broken. We will have to wait until it is
 It is the file 'list' in the contrib folder that is out of date. The list
includes the old kernel packages that were replaced.
I do not know how urpmi uses the list file. It is clearly not essential since
not all sources have one.
When it is eventually fixed do a urpmi.update -a  to bring your database in
line with the mirror.
You should also be updating the database for your updates source frequently.

I automate my updates in a cron job with this :-

urpmi.update updates && urpmi --update --auto --auto-select


Thanks. I appreciate the input.

One last question regarding sources for urpmi.
I've been playing around with the commands to add media and remove media, just to get a feel for things.
The only question I have now, is that when I do a search for samba, it only lists samba3. From what im gathering, it is searching the 'contrib' tree and not the 'main' tree.

Is there a way to get urpmi to search both trees? Then, if I specifically want to look for samba3, I could type: urpmq -i samb3 or something similar?

I appreciate it.


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