On Wednesday 19 Nov 2003 5:41 pm, Jason Williams wrote:
> One last question regarding sources for urpmi.
> I've been playing around with the commands to add media and remove media,
> just to get a feel for things.
> The only question I have now, is that when I do a search for samba, it only
> lists samba3. From what im gathering, it is searching the 'contrib' tree
> and not the 'main' tree.
> Is there a way to get urpmi to search both trees? Then, if I specifically
> want to look for samba3, I could type: urpmq -i samb3   or something
> similar?
> I appreciate it.
> Jason

urpmq will search all available media unless you force it to use a specific 
media with --media  or restrict it to update media with --update

It may be your 'main' source is not configured properly or maybe you are just 
being misled by the way urpmq will return a limited list if there is a close 

Compare for example what is returned if you do :-
urpmq samba
urpmq samb
urpmq --fuzzy samba


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