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> Very weird this latest exchange. All because I pointed 
> out the implications of claiming that a young woman in 
> the Mideast got knocked up by a ghost. 

Honestly, I think that the pile on Curtis fest is
because a certain someone has spent so much time 
portraying you as the Ultimate Boogeyman. Her minions
don't really have minds of their own, so they check
you off on their internal lists as Bad Guy #1, too. 
They gleefully join her in dissing you when you're 
away, all to get strokes from Big Mama. 

And then you show up again. And they expect Big Mama 
to rip into you again, so that they can look on in 
rapt admiration and then applaud, as she expects them
to. And it doesn't happen. She used up most of her 
posts of the week trying to rip an inoffensive twif 
a new asshole, and writing post after post after post
after post saying that she was NOT reacting to anything 
said about her...NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT :-)

So the minions feel that they have to fill the vacuum,
and each of them begins to try to "take you on" in her
absence, to curry favor with her and hopefully get 
more strokes from Big Mama. 

It's not really about you at all. Sure, they don't
like you much, but it's *her* they're trying to show
off for. Her and Robin. 

That's my assessment of the situation, anyway.

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