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> Yes, I know the world I inhabit.  And you do NOT know it, Turq.  You merely 
> continue to project onto it your own unresolved stuff.  Stuff from decades 
> ago.  Ok, I have unresolved stuff too.  But at least I have the good sense 
> to recognize it and do something about it that I think is benficial.
> For God's sake, man, get over the TMO already!  It's a new year and all that 
> is ancient history.

He can't get over Maharishi, simply can't. Even more than 40 years since he did 
a stint in the Movement, even "studying" with other teachers and becoming a 
Buddhist cannot erase the memory of the TMO and Maharishi to such a extent that 
he still today, decades after he last saw a video of Maharishi uses the 
majority of his 50 alotted posts here to try to trash the only real Saint he 
was ever within a mile of. 

What an everlasting impression Maharishi must have done to this poor soul !

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