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> > All those fancy words and analysis on ones side, (as well as as some
> > not so subtle condescending remarks previously), and the person
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> > the other, and I'll take the person Share anytime.
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> > That is, a person who seems happy, optimistic, very realistic and
> > grounded.
> Then, if that is the case, why this forever searching for the next
better technique, the continual need for healing, guidance and advice?

To rephrase: someone continually looking for greater insight into
themselves, and wishing to bring into greater balance, unresolved
issues.  Last I checked, that is a lifelong process, and one that more
people would benefit from if it were made a greater priority.

That is not grounded, possibly not content (happy), I would say yes to
the optimistic ( surely the next healer will be able to help me),

Again, I'm afraid you miss the mark.  There is no desperation there. 
Just a desire to deepen one's understanding about themselves and their
environment. (both near and far)

negative on the realistic (I will find the answer when I try solution
#100). I think that covers it. But I might be convinced if you want to
give some examples,

especially of the "grounded" part. Share?
You mean one who expresses herself well, captures nuance in a remarkable
way, and whose relationships with friends, family and community seem
quite balanced.
> > As far Matthew, mainstream, I liked your comments. Caveat emptor.
> Whew, we have less in common all the time Steve.
if you are referring to my comment about Matthew (whatever his last name
is), what is it that you find at odds with my comment? Do you feel he
should be censored?  It seems to me that all I said, was that the man
should be able to speak his peace.  Is that offensive?

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