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> I am wondering what the deal is on puja anyway.
Puja is all about placement and positioning.

The placement and positioning of fire; being mesmerized 
by fire was the first meditation.

So, let's review what we know:

The controlled use of fire has been dated by archaeoligists 
to have occured two million years ago with the emergence 
of Homo erectus and 100,000 years ago the campfire was 


'Spark of Genius'
Did fire influence the evolution of the human mind?
Smithsonian, December 2012

So, let's summ up what we know:

Contrary to popular belief, the first use of fire was not 
for warmth or for cooking food, but as a fetish, used to 
impress the neighbors. At night a fire served as a light 
source and a way to deter predators. 

The hearth-fire was the first puja, it was fire magic; 
an innovation that changed our brain's way of regulating 
time. The first campfire or hearth was the first puja.

The very first 'holy' object worshiped by man and woman, 
the flame, may have been a geomantic gadget placed 
inside a natural vastu dome! 

Inside that cave, which was at times very dark and dank, 
with nothing to do but ideate, fornicate and meditate, 
the first man-controlled light was invented. In that very 
instance was born the tradition of human enlightenment; 
they indeed 'saw the light', they 'loved the light' and 
they lived 'in the light'!

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