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> > I sincerely hope that when this young man is not meditating or eating fruit 
> > he is studying to be an engineer or a software designer or something like 
> > that. A "poor, reclusive" life for a 23-year-old does not sound very 
> > promising. 
> > 
> Yep, but that's exactly what we did when we joined the movement. According to 
> you, there couldn't have been a Buddha or Jesus Christ. Why did the Buddha 
> leave his fathers kingdom to become a monk and meditate? He could have just 
> stayed at home and become something reasonable. Or Jesus, why did he have to 
> go to the desert for 40 days to have visitations of gods and the devil? He 
> could have just stayed home and become an honorable carpenter. He could have 
> built nice homes and furniture for the community he lived in and probably 
> also lived a bit longer.

Sometimes it's refreshing to do something totally different. 
Like for example agreeing with someone I usually consider a useless nitwit, an 
arrogant Scorpion and an amateur. 
In his above points this navashok-character brings forward valuable points for 
a change. Well done !

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