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> > Hey Curtis, I always thought it was an agnostic who doesn't know whether or 
> > not God exists, and that an atheist flatly denies the existence of God.
> This is a common misconception about atheism. It has to do with people's 
> difficulty in understanding that atheism is not a positive belief, but is the 
> absence of belief.  So people try to fit it into their own formula of belief 
> systems by saying "atheists believe that there is no God."  The nuances 
> between the positions have more to do with how equivocally they state their 
> opinions.

EVerything boils down to sound-bites for you guys.

I have met plenty of people who express a positive belief that God does not 

In fact, the nuances of atheism have been divided into hard/soft, etc by people 
who go in for defining such things.

What you really mean to say, Curtis, is that YOUR brand of atheism is an 
absence of belief, which of course, at least somewhat approaches the agnostic 
world-view, which is that one can't possibly decide such things given the 
inability to test them properly.


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