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> And all the folks I ever met in FF and the TMO sure seem 
> like they never changed. I never not once met someone -- 
> decades after teacher training say -- who was not immediately 
> recognizable as the same person. Anyone detect any changes 
> in any of the long timer leaders? Aren't they all at about 
> the same level of ass-hole-ish-ness as when you first knew 
> of them?  

Good rap, Edg. As a commentary, once after years away from
both TM and the TMO I happened to pass through Fairfield.
Curious, I parked my car and spent a little time wandering
around the town and the campus. This was a few years after
I had started studying with the Rama guy, and although I
had certainly felt subjective changes, I wondered if any
of them would be evident to anyone I ran into who had
known me previously. 

Alas, I didn't run into any of those people. Until I real-
ized that I needed to mail a letter and didn't have a 
stamp, and went to the Post Office, as I remember the one
either near or on campus. There was a long line, and while
I was waiting I noticed a woman also waiting in line whom
I had known back in L.A. and on various TM courses. I 
smiled, but she didn't seem to acknowledge it. We were in
parallel lines, and thus arrived at the window at the same 
time, so I turned and said hello to her. 

She looked at me as if I were a complete stranger. 

We had slept together. 

[ Ann is free to insert one of her bitchy remarks about
how less-than-memorable sex with me must have been, and
she may well be correct. But the issue was genuinely not
that she remembered me less than fondly, but that she
didn't recognize me at all. ]

I finally had to introduce myself, and at first she smiled
and brightened and said, "Oh yes...Barry...my God, I didn't
even recognize you." But then she paused, and her face
darkened, and she said (I shit you not), "But wait...didn't
you leave the Movement (it had a capital letter the way
she said it)? Didn't you go Off The Program (three capital

I laughed and admitted both. She left hurriedly. She may
have actually taken a bath when she got home to wash the
Cooties off. :-)

One of the differences I have noticed between some spiritual
traditions and TM's is that in the former, people seem to
visibly change, and often. In the TM movement, they don't.
People may believe that they've changed on the inside, but
it rarely seems to make it to the outside. 

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