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> BANK CLOSED IN CYPRUS! Government to seize 10 percent of all savings &
> deposits!

Let them eat cake.

> http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-17/europe-braces-for-renewed-turmo\
> il-as-cyprus-deposit-levy-at-risk.html
> <http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-17/europe-braces-for-renewed-turm\
> oil-as-cyprus-deposit-levy-at-risk.html>
> All banks will this weekend have electronic transfer frozen while a
> bailout is brought in and then on Tuesday, 19 March, ten percent of all 
> savings will be taken from every depositor and transferred to central
> planners and banksters who take on all this risk and when it backfires,
> don't want to take a haircut.
> The most plausible explanation is that the Cypriot government "ask for a
> contribution of all deposit holders,"is not to wipe out non-resident
> depositors and jeopardise its long-term prospects as an offshore
> financial centre for Russian and other money . Depositors have come
> through the financial crisis largely unscathed. Now they have been
> bailed in, see strong social indignation and the beginning of something
> along the lines of the 1930s

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