You  are right Nappy, you do get what you pay for - when you pay for TM, you 
get a meditation technique backed up by 58 years of fraud, deceit and a 
manipulative guru. 

But that's not all - with your basic TM initiation fee, you receive an endless 
 of entreaties to give, give, give more and more and more money to the TM 
Movement, always, of course, for the best and highest good of the world.

In addition, if you call your nearest TM Peace Palace in the next 15 minutes 
you will also receive the opportunity to buy, at exorbitant prices, a vast 
array of ridiculous smoke and mirrors, snake oil and
 nostrums that will never lead to enlightenment, perfect health or a sublime 

Your TM initiation also entitles you to pay big money to learn a set of 
techniques that purport to give you super-normal abilities, yet have no actual 
demonstrable effects - originally they were taught as the fast track to 
enlightenment, being 10,000 times more powerful than TM alone, and will lead to 
even more absurd promises whose actual fulfillment have very little effect 
other than to separate you from your money and your good common sense.

Best of all, if you mention David Lynch's name when you get your TM mantra, you 
will have the opportunity to lose a great deal more money by having a Marshy 
approved home designer design a new and totally unnecessary home for you that 
will cost a lot of money and face east.

One additional perk of learning TM is the satisfaction of immersing yourself in 
a fear based ideology - if you don't participate in group
 you will be
 responsible for not preventing any number of natural and man made disasters, 
if you enter or exit any building with a south facing entrance you will suffer 
mightily, if you expose yourself to a solar eclipse, you will surely experience 
bad karma and on and on.

All of these things are proof positive that TM is by far the very best 
meditation technique for creating problems in life and screwing up peoples 
minds. You can tell its the best by the price tag, and after all don't you WANT 
to contribute to Girish's legal defense fund? Even tho he is a wealthy man, of 
course Hagelin and the boys are gonna raise money to pay his legal defense - 
the TM Movement and its pimps ALWAYS get TM True Believes to pay the freight, 
rather than paying for stuff themselves.

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> I think they're excuses, made by people who, if they
> were being honest, cannot find any way to justify to
> *themselves* the unconscionably high prices that the
> TMO charges for TM, but feel the need to make such
> justifications to others.
> The high prices are a form of discrimination. Only
> the wealthy or well-to-do (or those who have some
> organization willing to pay the fee *for* them) get
> to learn TM. The rest can go suck eggs. This is the
> TM version of "compassion."

DrD's comment above is a proper answer to your endless nonsense. He wrote:

"You get what you pay for. That is why most people have never heard of these two
meditation programs - No one with any name recognition has found them to be
successful, so rather than generating interest, or even controversy, these two
marginal techniques are relegated to the backwaters of spiritual concern.

Perhaps you can amuse yourself by finding all the other free and useless forms
of meditation available around the globe, and then please share them with us.

That is, when you aren't sticking your finger someplace warm and stinky.:-)"


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