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> > > > The credit card incident?
> > > 
> > > Do tell!
> > 
> > It was just low level, though perhaps understated, humor -- linking
> > "rocked" as in "rocked his world", with past allegations that
> > charges for a call girl showed up on Depak's credit card at one 
> > point. The case ( as well as sexual harrassment charges in San 
> > Diego) were settled in court -- though frankly I forget the 
> > details. You can find fuller stories on Trancenet and San Diego 
> > Union if you are truly interested. 
> Don't know about the sexual harassment case, but the
> credit card thing turned out to be untrue; Chopra was
> able to document that he was out of the country at the
> time the credit card was charged.  I'm not sure they
> ever figured out who had made the charge, or if it was
> even genuine.
> In any case, the right-wing Weekly Standard, which had
> published the accusation, was forced to recant and,
> as I recall, publish an apology.

But there appears to have been a number of call girl charges. Its
implausible he was out of the country for all of them. 

Also, minor point, but the posting vs transaction date on the charges
could be used to create "true but empty" claims of being out of the
country -- that is when it was posted. 


"...His lawyer, Michael Flynn, vehemently denied the
               charges. 'Total horse--,' he called them. But it is
               hardly Bangert's word against Chopra's lawyer's. She
               has produced Chopra's American Express credit-card
               vouchers with the imprint of her escort service.... The
               credit card reads, 'Dr. Deepak Chopra Pres. MAPI Inc.'
               Chopra was the former president and a consultant to
               MAPI [Maharishi Ayurveda Products International] at the

               "Bangert volunteered to take a lie-detector test, which
               we took her up on -- and which she passed, even after
               our examiner asked her the same questions four times.
               When I inquired whether Chopra would be willing to take
               a lie-detector test, his lawyer said, 'You think
               Chopra's gonna spend five minutes on this stupid

               "Maybe not, but Flynn, whose in-your-face tactics a
               former New York magazine fact-checker described as 'one
               of the most unpleasant things I've ever endured,' spent
               nearly 30 highly combative minutes on the phone with
               me, bandying countercharges, offering a host of
               defenses, and providing no documentation for

               "Overall, I asked Flynn to corroborate his assertions
               or offer evidence to discredit Judy Bangert 26 times in
               the course of our interview.... Flynn threatened
               repeatedly to sue for libel. 'If [Chopra] wants me to
               tell you to go jump in the f--ing lake -- print
               whatever you want, and then we'll bring a lawsuit to
               expose the truth,' was one of his gentler admonitions."

               {In a startling coincidence, Mr. Flynn is associated
               with well-known cult-fighting lawyer, Ford Greene. Ford
               Greene, known for his cases against the Moonies and
               others, declined to represent Jonie Flint in her case
               against Chopra because of a conflict of interest
               through his working relationship with Flynn.} 

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