I didn't pay attention to any of it until now Share.  Says a lot I
think, of the "enlightened"

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> Doc, I don't think it's right of you to bring turq's mom into this,
especially in the way that you do.  Really nasty.  And the
violent image of skewered Curtis, also really nasty IMO.  I've
removed myself from this menu.  Please keep me off of it.Â
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> FFL Main Dining Room
> Menu for Today, April 29th, 2013
> *Appetizers*
> -Dick Mays dry toast, always served room temperature.
> -MJ's freshly beaten horse meat, prepared to order.
> -Merde du Mer â€" A daring appetizer, offered on our public menu
for the first time. This exciting creation starts with "night soil" from
the deep; a mixture of fish, mammal, and, yes, human waste, collected
diligently by Sous Chef Barry, and his mom, from the crystal clear
waters off Port Arthur, Texas. After UV sterilization, the drying
process, and a secret mixture of spices, this novel creation is flash
cooked in a pizza oven, until crispy. Said Sous Chef Barry, "I like to
offer people shit, and see if they'll eat it...".
> *Soups*
> -Chef Xeno's renowned Archer-Alexander Clam Chowder (please read
ingredients on back of menu).
> -Extra Cheezy Faux Gazpacho, made with fresh Velveeta, home-made
popcorn, Ritz crackers (for that mock apple pie flavor), half a bottle
of ketchup, and a dash or three of habanero sauce, then haphazardly
stirred over a period of several days â€" More than a meal in
itself. New recipe! From the Kitchens of Doctor Dumbass(R).
> *Entrees*
> Skewered Curtis, shish-ka-bobbed beautifully by Chef Ravi, grilled
nearly until done, finished in a tart lemon sauce, and topped with an
American flag. One of these is enough for any diner.
> The Wolf Baiter. Don't take this one on, unless you've got plenty of
appetite. This 22 ounce favorite begins with deconstructed Filet Mignon
and hearty sauces, though never confused in identity or flavor.
Delightful finish. Pairs neatly with a dry or semi-sweet wine.
> ER Diet Plate, a light assortment of sautéed vegetables, served
with a thoughtful Chamomile tea. Best enjoyed with Led Zep on the
> Crop Circlet, by Chef Nablus. When the diner first confronts this
dish, he, or she, sees nothing unusual. After a short time however, a
lettuce leaf is turned under, there is a nearly undetectable slash
through the cherry tomato, the spinach with a pat of butter suddenly
takes on the appearance of a green mandala! Be amazed when Nabby plays
with your food!
> Buck's Basic Feed. Experience a meal from the pioneer days, as Chef
Buck whips up one of his favorites, Possum Pie, with Fresh Wild Turkey
Giblets, smothered in Raw Oats, and save room for the Huckleberry Pie!
> Kick Ass Kasserole. Chef R. Dog starts things off with a bang,
combining 15 different varieties of pepper, an entire bottle of grey
goose vodka, reduced over medium heat to a single tablespoon of intense
taste, then ladled over a perfectly prepared swordfish steak, sword
included. Best enjoyed with balloons and a cocktail or two.
> *Desserts*
> Judiliscious Baked Alaska. The size of this treat for the sweet tooth
is deceiving. Served in a delicate porcelain cup, some diners simply
refuse to finish it â€" Richness, complexity and above all, endless
layers of pastry.
> *Beverages*
> -Robin's Milk (yep, we were confused too, until we tried it!).
> -Steve-O (bottles only). A favorite for children of all ages!
Delicious any time of day.
> *Music performed in the lounge area by Barry2 and srijau.*

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