Wishing everyone in Funny Farm Lounge the best revenge of all (-:  PS  I liked 
the Judy and the Jets joke.  Funny without being mean, not to mention the 
alliteration that renders it easy to remember and reuse.  Couldn't find a 
decent recording of Jet song from WSS.

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] FFL As Sport

It strikes me, parsing the gloat- and hate-fest that
was yesterday's evening's posts, that an accurate 
metaphor to portray what does on here on FFL is a 
European football (soccer or rugby) game. 

Yeah, I know that the rabid fans I'm going to be talk-
ing about would prefer to think of it as a battlefield,
with themselves cast as Arjuna, doing dharmic battle 
against the forces of evil. But hey!...get real. This
is just a silly forum in cyberspace, and they're all 
sitting at home in the dark in front of a glowing 
screen, not actually "doing battle" the way they 
think they are. 

I think of a few of them -- in particular, the Judy 
Clique (Raunchy, Ravi, Ann, Jimbo, Emily, etc.) -- as 
clumps of overemotional sports fans, sitting in the 
stands, their faces painted with all of those ghastly
MIU publication pastel colors, occasionally cheering 
for "their team," but more often razzing the "other 

When "their side" starts losing -- as has happened 
a LOT lately, with Judy being bested by (imagine 
this!) Share at her own parsing game, or her and Ravi 
and Jimbo being heartily laughed at by Steve and even
feste -- they do *exactly* what Euro sports fans do.

They complete *ignore* that their own team is losing,
usually on forced or unforced errors, and turn all
their attention to hurling personal insults at the
players for the other team. They'll yell insults 
about the goalie's mother, or claim to be actually 
winning, even though the scoreboard clearly says 
otherwise. Meanwhile the other team just laughs, 
and plays even better.

Whatever floats their boats, I guess. I think it's 
kinda silly to be so attached to one's ego that one 
allows its buttons to be pushed so easily. 

Just think, though...if Euro football stadiums had
an "invective limit" the way that FFL has a "posting
limit," these fans would only be able to see one
game a month. :-)

Back here on Fairfield Life, those who have shot 
their wad in the first two or three days of the 
posting week will be sitting on the sidelines for 
the rest of it, not even able to yell at the "other 
team." Think how frustrating that will be for them, 
and how much invective they'll have built up by next 
Friday at midnight UTC, when they'll all "hit the 
ground hating" again. 

Meanwhile, the actual game of discussing ideas and
dealing with the ideas themselves instead of hurling
insults at those who do goes on without them. As it
always has. Some people are actually on the playing
field, and others are where they've always been -- 
in the grandstands, yelling. 


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