I'm sure Buck and others might have a word or two to contribute, but from what 
I remember of them, the youthful always win, and it is ironic in that you are 
correct, it is an athletic event, but treated quite seriously by the TM peoples 
as a genuine competition of who is most adept at enlivening the Absolute in 
their consciousness.

As to the gender of the competition, there have never been any public 
demonstrations or competitions of women flyers cuz it would be too salacious 
for the gals to go hopping round the Domes with their boobs flopping about, I 
mean after all Marshy had to publicly maintain the facade that he was a no sex 
kind of guy (they started the competitions long ago when he was still alive and 
I think there were a few he presided over) and it just wouldn't be in the TM 
style for ladies to do such things in public.

So no no no! It wouldn't do to have the gals doing something that might incite 
the men folks to lust - haven't you ever seen the ridiculous so-called saris 
the Mother Divine women wear? They show a heap more flesh in India with the 
authentic ones.

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> That was brilliant Curtis! And funny too. But who knows, maybe Buck will use 
> his farm muscles to out maneuver all of them on the foam.

I don't really understand what the 'competition' is all about. Do the men 
compete against the men and do the women have a competition too? And do the men 
always outdistance the women? And do the younger always outdistance the older? 
If so, then it seems doubtful any of this is flying. It sounds like a 
competition of strength - pure and simple. I don't think the mechanics of 
pushing off a piece of foam with brute force and intention would be the same as 
having some other physical law that governs the ability of a human being to 
fly, even though they have no jet engine or feathers or leathery wings or wings 
like an insect, and therefore lift off is not governed by strength at all but 
by that mysterious force of nature that would allow (although not, seemingly, 
so far yet in the history of TM) a humanoid to lift spontaneously off the 
floor. In other words, I don't buy it; having this competition is sort of like 
a strange parody of what the siddhi is all
 about. I think it sort of demeans the whole thing although on another level I 
kind of like the fact that this event occurs because it is almost like a sort 
of self-imposed joke by the people who organize this. It is, in the end, an 
athletic event, IMVHO.
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> This was always schtick, but now it is pathetic schtick with the younger more 
> flexible flyers kicking the asses of the older flyers with decades more 
> experience with the technique, exposing the emperor. 
> And the crowd will watch younger more athletic "flyers" win every event 
> AGAIN, and no one will notice the ass cheeks of the whole theory on full 
> display. 
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> >
> > 
> > Sixth Annual Yogic Flying Competition Coming May 5
> > A Yogic Flying® competition will be held at the Maharishi Patanjali Golden 
> > Domes May 5 at 2:00 p.m., featuring four events and a live demonstration of 
> > EEG during Yogic Flying practice.
> > "Yogic Flying is a technique that demonstrates the ability of individuals 
> > to enliven the total potential of natural law in the simplest form of their 
> > own awareness," said Dimitrios Karasis, president of the Ultimate Flying 
> > Club.
> > Sponsored by the Global Student Council and the Ultimate Flying Club, the 
> > competition will demonstrate the mind-body coordination of the 
> > participating Sidhas, students, staff, faculty, and Invincible America 
> > Assembly participants.
> > The event will feature four events: 25-meter dash, 25-meter hurdles, high 
> > jump, and long jump. First-, second-, and third-place medals will be 
> > awarded, and cash prizes will be given to the top contestants by the Super 
> > Radiance for Heaven on Earth Foundation.
> > There will also be a live demonstration of the EEG of Yogic Flying 
> > conducted by Fred Travis, director of the University's Center for Brain, 
> > Consciousness, and Cognition. Dr. Travis will explain how Yogic Flying 
> > practice brings about increased orderliness and coherence of brain 
> > functioning, demonstrating scientifically the value of this technology for 
> > human life. Group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi® 
> > programs, including Yogic Flying, has been found to reduce social stress 
> > and improve societal quality of life in a number of ways, including reduced 
> > crime and accident rates.
> > In the last 25 years, many Yogic Flying participants have come together to 
> > demonstrate the peace-creating effect of groups of Yogic Flyers, sometimes 
> > traveling to global hot spots and war-torn areas.
> > "A tiny percentage of any population can transform life for the entire 
> > population, simply by diving within," said Craig Pearson, MUM executive 
> > vice-president and author of The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. "Entire 
> > nations can be made invincible, impervious to negativity, by just a small 
> > number of people. This is the Maharishi Effect."
> > Everyone is invited to attend this event. Cookies will be served.
> > 
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> > 
> > Have an aning (~uh-ning; hunch in Swedish) we might testify something
> > extraordinary!
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