Interesting point about the Buddhists and their market share, Egg.  Maharishi 
certainly made decisions of his own that in effect abandoned the teaching field 
back in the late 1970's and then he and TM mostly disappeared from popular 
culture for nearly three and a half decades.  That of course was entirely his 
doing and choice and consequent with a whole generation being skipped over by 
his management.  Essentially abdicated the field.  Maharishi was not the only 
millenarian leader in the 20th Century to make apparently catastrophic mistakes 
in judgment along the way.  Like with their huge peasant economies, Stalin and 
collectivization of farms or Mao with the sending people back to the farms in 
the cultural revolution.  History shines its own light.

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> I  never said that mindfulness is unhealthy.
> There are many health benefits associated with mindfulness.
> However, the success is due mostly to a very nicely coordinated effort by 
> American Buddhists to publish research and promote its practice. The specific 
> health benefits (cognitive benefits may be a different issue) of mindfulness 
> are NOT, in general, comparable to those found in TM, but mindfulness 
> teachers are more easily created than TM teachers, and the practice itself is 
> less subject to distortion (being a distortion in the first place, IMHO).
> L

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