John, Ravi and noozguru my birth time was written down on my birth certificate 
as 2:55 pm which is much less suspect than 3 pm. Nonetheless one jyotishi said 
if that was my true birth time I would have been a boy! So he did a 
rectification, ended up with a time after after 3 and that did not feel right 
to me. The best rectification was done by Prasannan, who used to be Amma's 
jyotishi. He put the time at 2:48:30 and that felt right to me. He simply asked 
me if I knew my Dad's mother and I said yes and gave details. That was the 
basis of his rectification which I found fascinating. Have any of you heard of 
this technique for rectifying birth times? 

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If anything, in the US the birth times are usually written down later 
than the actual birth time.  Back in those days the doctor would deliver 
the kid and then take a smoke break and write down on the birth 
certificate the time that was on the clock.  Supposedly later a nurses 
association lobbied for accurate birth times.  It was suspected for 
astrological purposes but I wouldn't be surprised if hospital legal 
councils got on-board due to possible legal ramifications not having 
anything to do with astrology.

Happy Birthday.  You now have a year before officially becoming an old 
fart though of course at 59 1/2 you can take money out of those 
retirement accounts without penalty.

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> Forgot to add that I think the birth time is accurate, as it is taken from my 
> birth certificate.
> --- In, doctordumbass@... <no_reply@...> wrote:
>> Thank you, Ravi! Yes, I am looking forward to my 60th! Aries ascendant  is 
>> fine, also. I know nothing about this process, so I will just answer your 
>> questions for you.
>> --- In, Ravi Chivukula <chivukula.ravi@> wrote:
>>> Ah I failed to notice your birthday, so wrapped up I was in planets, signs
>>> and houses I forgot there are days tied to a chart, and there are birthdays
>>> :-)
>>> Happy Birthday Jim - hope you have a good one !!!
>>> In India the 60th birthday is sort of a milestone - astrologically Jupiter
>>> and Saturn return to their exact natal position in 60 years. So I suppose
>>> the person reaches full maturity, wisdom (unless of course your first name
>>> is Barry and last name Wright).
>>> Coming to your birth chart - my vote is for the Aries ascendant, this is
>>> based upon on my perceptions of you. Of course then your 3:28 AM time
>>> raises the question of whether it is a rectified TOB - is this true?
>>> Because TOB is usually rounded off to the nearest quarter hour, in my case
>>> my TOB is 7:00 AM.
>>> But if you disagree with Aries ascendant - I will present my arguments for
>>> it and we can discuss.
>>> Ravi
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>>>> wrote:
>>>> **
>>>> Hi Ravi, using PDT is correct. The second paragraph is overall closer to
>>>> daily life. I have a lot of characteristics of the first, particularly when
>>>> I had a career, but comparing the two, I am more the second one.
>>>> Thanks!
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>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Jim - a small issue, pulled up your chart and your Ascendant is right at
>>>>> the cusp - 29Ar33. A minute and half later and the Ascendant changes to
>>>>> Taurus (this is the sidereal zodiac mind you). I also have the summer
>>>> time
>>>>> (PDT) - so confirm this before I proceed.
>>>>> Please let me know what you think identifies you - the first or the
>>>> second
>>>>> paragraph.
>>>>> You in you daily life are dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, quick to take
>>>>> initiative, react quickly. You have spent lot of your intelligence in
>>>> your
>>>>> life for an ideal or a cause, excited by the adventure and freedom,
>>>> belief
>>>>> in order, structure, respect for teachers,authoritarian figures.
>>>>> You in your daily life are more steady, methodical, deliberate,
>>>> practical.
>>>>> You are laidback, love pleasures of the sense - you spend lot of your
>>>>> intelligence in your life nurturing your connection to nature, land,
>>>> home,
>>>>> comfort, care towards family (though you must have felt weighed down by
>>>> the
>>>>> responsibilities).
>>>>> Remember some of these themes may recur regardless of your ascendant so
>>>>> choose one that really identifies you - the first one is Aries Ascendant
>>>>> with Mars in 9th whereas the latter Taurus Ascendant with Venus in 3rd.
>>>>> I personally think Aries ascendant, your time of 3:28 is good - but do
>>>> let
>>>>> me know what you think.
>>>>> On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:56 PM, doctordumbass@ <
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> **
>>>>>> Hey Ravi, my two cents, as a dabbler in the stars, this analysis seemed
>>>>>> deeper, more refined, than the one you wrote for Ann. Piques my
>>>> interest. I
>>>>>> took my first breath, here, at 3:28 AM, June 20th, 1954, in Chula
>>>> Vista,
>>>>>> California. What does that reflect?


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