Judy, big storm happening now. Hopefully power will continue, lightening won't 
strike, etc. Anyway, when I read your saying that done right, religion is 
*hard* I'm reminded of one of my favorite authors, Susan Howatch and her series 
of novels set in the Church of England, often with a high ranking clergyman as 
protagonist, undergoing a spiritual crisis and usually a woman is involved. 
Great stuff and there's always at least one character who expresses the same 
opinion that you do. A few of the characters span the entire series and the 
later novels feature offspring of a few at least three of them.

Replying to another post: 
In the article that salyavin posted, Dennet was referred to as a philosopher. 
Is he a scientist as well? I remember something about Darwinism but I thought 
maybe that was a hobby.  

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Many thoughtful religionists would tell you that if
comfort is what you're looking for in your religion,
you're doing it wrong. Done right, religion is *hard*.

Those aren't the folks Dawkins tends to want to talk
to. And they could do a better job of putting lazy
religionists on the hot seat than Dawkins could ever

> What do you think Feser etc would contribute to one of these 
> shows other than a more technical language? I think not much
> because if they had any evidence other than creative answers
> to certain questions we would have heard of it by now.

What is this "evidence" you seem to think should be
forthcoming from religionists? That's a notion Feser
would disabuse you of right quick.


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