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> > > > And it uses Win8 I presume? Which is so messy that only 
> > > > computer-buffs are able to navigate past the huge shopping 
> > > > mall of apps that hits your eyes as soon as you open it 
> > > > and actually use the darn thing. Ordinary people can't 
> > > > even find "my computer" nor are they able to turn the 
> > > > darn thing off. It's worse than Vista. Nuff said.
> > > >
> > > It's not complicated - you touch the nice, big, colorful 
> > > tile to find My Computer. Go figure.
> > >
> nablusoss:
> > I'll never touch it, who wants a smudgy screen?
> >
> Yes, but you also have the ability to draw directly onto 
> the screen with a Wacom pen and Corel Draw? LoL!

I use a Wacom for editing, nicely placed on a flat surface, thank you very 
much. Who would do anything by placing your hand in a awkard position across 
the keyboard ? It's a toy, and a ridiculous one.
If the Samsung wasn't so small and powerful I even can do quite a lot of 
editing while travelling I would never would have bought it. 
Why the Japanese hasn't found a way to compete Microsoft out of business years 
ago beats me.

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