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> > > Does anyone find it interesting that one of the *only*
> > > three people who caused the Posting Limits to be created
> > > in the first place, and who has since "posted out" and 
> > > gone over the limit *several* times because she couldn't
> > > control herself, is now arguing that they "aren't needed?"
> Notice the non sequitur. I never thought they were needed
> in the first place and still don't.
> In any case, my point in the post Barry's commenting on was
> how distorted his account was in the post I was responding
> to. I wasn't making the argument he claims; he just wants 
> to distract attention from how I debunked his previous post.
> (And I've never posted out because I "couldn't control"
> myself, BTW.)
> > > Sounds to me as if someone is trying to open the door so
> > > that she can post as much as she used to. Just to remind
> > > people, that was (during the months that I used the Yahoo
> > > Search engine to track it) 400-500 posts per month.
> *Everyone* posted more before the limits were imposed, BTW.
> There were more discussions, and they were more active.
> > > She'd like to be able to do that again. Don't fall for it
> "Fall for" what? I've always been open about what I thought
> of the posting limits.
> > As Barry trembles in anticipation, trepidation and fear. 
> Exactly. He's hysterical at the very thought. For him, the
> posting limits have always been about *fewer posts from
> Judy* because he finds me such a threat.

Somehow Judy, I do not think Barry thinks you are a threat. But of course, we 
could ask him. Will he tell the truth? Will he lie? Wouldn't it reduce the 
quantity of lying on the forum, if there were fewer posts? 'Oh what a tangled 
web we weave when first we practice to deceive!' Would truth in its directness 
and simplicity not take less space?

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