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> Many people HAVE "gained" CC via TM, or so the published research suggests, 
> while many more have not.
> Perhaps a higher percentage of people would be enlightened now if they all 
> stuck to official 8-limbed yoga practices.

They may have progressed more because they incorporated Religion with 
meditation which is what Yoga was meant to be, but I doubt more would be 
enlightened, enlightenment is no small matter.  As MMY said Meditation and 
Religion were meant to go hand in hand in SOBAL, FWIW.
> But TM, by itself, has proven sufficient for some folks to gain 
> enlightenment, and full-blown yoga would never be appealing to as many people 
> by several orders of magnitude, at least.
> L

Very true, though no technique is going to lead to CC in a few dozen years IMHO 
(except in rare cases), I don't care what you're practicing. 

"The number of people enlightened in the World today could fit under a small 
umbrella", CLutes  I still think that is applicable.

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