Lame-o. My answer was shorter, better, funnier, and TRUE! Fail for Barry.

And please explain how a JVM works. I ran the technical training for VMware, 
and just curious if you know. Your "explanation" of why you get uninterrupted 
YouTube videos at work, "due to having a T1 line", was frankly hilarious!!

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> wrote:
> >
> > Given the definition given by the Big M for enlightenment
> > and all the glorious things that the enlightened are and
> > can do, you would think these TM enlightened would be
> > doing marvelous things in the world, especially in the
> > area of saving the rest of us from ignorance. I eagerly
> > await their coming out and heppin' the rest of us
> > ignorant folks out.
> Michael, I think your understanding in this vitally important area is
> flawed by an improper understanding of the relationship between the
> enlightened and the...uh...not so much.

> installed Java first, and that it has to be functional and capable of
> launching a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for the new-fangled program to
> run in. 

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