Get off the flat screen, stop texting your Aunts, and ride this night to
your meditative movements!
Join us now as we embark to WHOA, MY GawD!
Come on, Emily, Dance!  Get it Judy!  Ohh yeah, Turq, boy do it good! 
Shake it!

Kali's Pimp, right at ya! doctordumbass  authfriend  Share Long 
Seraphita  Alex Stanley Bhairitu   turquoiseb
   merudanda  obbajeeba (oh, wait, that's me! ) Xenophaneros Anartaxius  
Ann card emptybill    Michael Jackson   srijau   seventhray27   Richard
J. Williams   Mike Dixon   John   Duveyoung Rick
Get yer head out of yer butt, Rory!  Party time. Put the Bananagrams

The rest of ya'll lurkers have to join in because this is an awesome
party and you be missing it!  Whatz the matter for you? Eh?

Shut up.  I forgot it was Saturday evening.   [:o)]

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