Careful, Share, Barry isn't likely to keep defending you if you criticize the 
tactics he uses against his "enemies."

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 turq, that Puritanical, anti-body, anti-life streak runs so deep in some of us 
and goes back way farther than the Puritans. Notice how often FFL posters try 
to shame their enemies with sexual references. It's insidious to a horrifying 
degree. Ha, I'm on a mission now!

 On Friday, November 15, 2013 8:52 AM, TurquoiseB <turquoiseb@...> wrote:
   --- In, Ann wrote:
 > > ---In, sharelong60@ wrote:
 > >
 > > Emily, it is and has been a pleasure for me to read posts
 > > from just about all the men on FFL The posts of the
 > > MGC? Not so much. Silly me!.
 > Men! Listen up. You are providing a necessary community
 > service when you 'stimulate' Share with your attention and
 > ideas. Keep up the good work. Mean Girls need not apply.
 Mean Girls need not apply for membership in the human
 race. They don't qualify.
 > Are all the girls here "mean" BTW?
 The only ones we can be fairly certain fall into the Mean Girls
 category are the ones who have been piling on to Share ever
 since one of them got called on being a faux feminist. That
 would be Judy, Ann, and Emily.
 This behavior is about as *anti-feminist* as it gets. Personally
 I think Share should just write all three of them off as if they
 don't exist, but she compassionately still interacts with them,
 as she does with the other attention troll, Willytex. Waste 'o
 fuckin' time, if you ask me, but so be it, and better her than me.



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