Has Barry been forging my email again?? I'll skin him alive. I guess he's 
trying to scrounge a bit of income now that he's left his job.

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 Are you *sure* there is no such thing as the MGC? Because if that's the case, 
I just wired my thousand dollar 'Platinum' initiation fee to someone, who I 
thought was you, in Nigeria. You even attached those pics from your "camera 
safari" - The giraffes, and the chimp wearing a fez. You said you'd be back 
stateside soon, and my scroll, and ceremonial ring would be arriving shortly. 
What's going on??

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 Share snarled:
 > Judy, imo MGC did Avoidance Dance recently WRT indiff's language. Where was 
 > their 
 > outrage 


 In the first place, there's no such thing as "MGC." That's a fantasy of 
Barry's. In the
 second place, what the hell does "indiff's language" (whatever that refers to) 
have to
 do with our exchanges? This is just more avoidance on your part, trying to 
change the

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