And here she is stalking Share, barging into a conversation she was not
a part of, trying to make fun of Share and portray her as being at a
kindergarten level, *again* for the purpose of trying to taunt her into
replying, so she could stalk her some more.

Remember the dozens of times she referred to Sal Sunshine as "Stupid
Sal?" Same ploy, and same stalking. She was trying to lure Sal into a
head-to-head argument with her, so she could (in her deranged mind,
anyway) "win."

Fortunately, Share seems to be catching on to these tactics, and just
blowing Judy off as the lonely old stalker sitting alone in a tiny
apartment in New Jersey trying to start an argument -- any argument --
she is.

--- In,  wrote:
> Share announced:
>  > Richard, today I've been in airports, making my way back to FF. Two
hour delay at BWI which lead to a 4 hour delay at Detroit. But I
meditated at Detroit's Religious Reflections Room! Now I'm here and
sometimes watching people. Keep up the good work (-:
> Ann commented:
>  > This is, perhaps, a step up from the menu listing of past dinners
recently ingested. Thank God for small mercies.
> I think I'm ready for a little more intellectual stimulation myself.
Visited any good kindergarten classes recently? Show 'n' Tell can be

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