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 Ann, it sounds like you're saying that indeed you did post your Christmas tree 
photo from last year. So my reaction was on target!

 Yes Share, you are perfect and full of love and compassion and gentleness. The 
serum of truth fairly oozes out of your lovely pores and I stand humbled in the 
face of your searing honesty. In addition, your use of the word "target" is 
very apropos.

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 Richard, Poster of the Year 2013, you make me laugh and think and are kind, so 
in your honor I'm making a new thread even though my new threads rarely get 
replied to boo hoo!

 Emily and Bob, just so you can stop wondering about my reaction to the photo 
of Ann's tree and GET A FRIGGING LIFE, I shall now enlighten you both about my 
immediate and mundane reaction to the photo of her Christmas tree that Ann 
posted. Hold onto your seatbelts!

 Huh?! But wait a minute! I've seen this photo before! Is this the same photo 
Ann posted last year?!

 That's it, Emily and Bob. That was my immediate reaction to seeing the photo. 
Of course since then I figured out that most people use the same ornaments year 
after year and put the tree in the same place. So maybe it is a current photo 
of the current tree. But the photo sure looks suspiciously familiar. Go figure!

 Of course it's a very lovely tree and photo so a repeat appearance is good 


 No, this year my tree is in a different spot. I wasn't going to bother to go 
take a picture of the "new" tree this year, upload it to the web and then move 
it over here for this thread. But the tree this year, in its new location, 
looks just as Christmasy and the living room is still as homey and the new 
puppy we have makes it all even better. Here she is, just arrived from the SPCA 
last night. We're calling her "Fledermaus" for obvious reasons. Puppies are 
incredibly good for the soul, not to mention the abdominal muscles. 

























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