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 An Open Letter to Share and Turq:
 Been thinking about you two getting stomped here on a fairly regular basis, 
especially during this Holiday season, and its just not right.
 So, I am proposing to team up, with you two, to even things out, and we'll 
take on Joyless Judy, Eviscerating Emily, and All-bad Ann - a bundle of sticks 
is harder to break than one, and all that. 
 I figure I could at least lend you some consulting advice, during the ongoing 
fray - and not to hint, or anything (I have already paid for my presents, for 
this year), but Bitcoins are sort of a big deal, now - an account, in my name, 
perhaps? Pay for play.
 Anyway, think about it, my heart bleeds a little every time I see you on the 
wrong end of things. Peace.
 According to your plan, Bob, somebody owes me at least a thousand bucks for 
being the top poster and for standing up for Share this year; and for pointing 
out all of Judy's fibs; and for citing Ann for being prejudice; and for putting 
Barry down for his hubris. I have a PayPal account - just send the money to 
willytex@... mailto:willytex@.... Thanks.



 Richard Macro (#13)
 What do you think about the Lululemon Founder stating on Bloomberg that the 
*see-through recall problem* was caused by fat people: like the WFM Founder, 
the Lululemon Founder is an admirer of Ayn Rand; do you think Ayn Rand would 
have looked sexier if she gave up smoking and let herself get fat? Is this 
*see-through problem* on your yoga pants the reason you won't bend over and put 
in a load of laundry; do you think Ayn Rand was sexy even without yoga pants? 
Go figure!

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