Let's see, she works about five hours a day and can't live on what she makes. 
Go to a community college, take some courses in something that will pay better 
and get a better job. Jobs like she has had for so long are usually considered 
entree level jobs and usually don't pay much. You get some work experience 
there, build a resume and go on to bigger and better things. Now, people want 
to be able to retire from McDonald's as a burger flipper after thirty years and 
have a 100% pension after putting all your kids through college and paying off 
the mortgage. I have to agree with Bhairtu for once, inflation if the culprit.

On Friday, December 20, 2013 1:13 PM, TurquoiseB <turquoi...@yahoo.com> wrote:
--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu  wrote:
> In discussions about the minimum wage on liberal talk boards I find 
> myself in disagreement with my peers.  I say the problem is not the 
> minimum wage but inflation. Like Richard sez: "the rent is too damn 
> high."  I don't think raising the minimum wage is going to solve the 
> problem.  In San Francisco they are proposing raising the minimum wage 
> to $15 an hour.  Don't pack your bags yet, because rent there is way off 
> the charts.
> Welcome to American Austerity.

I actually wrote, in my original version of this post, as a kind of "teaser" 
line before the URL, "Welcome to your future, America." 

Then I deleted it, because I figured FFLers and TMers (not to mention Americans 
in general) wouldn't be able to handle that. Thanks for breaking the ice so I 
didn't have to. 

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