There are plenty of degreed folks including ones with MAs and Phds who can't find work even in the well paying STEM fields. Many of those jobs have been outsourced. And grads from college wind up in "no paying" intern jobs.

Agreed that minimum wage jobs weren't meant to be careers. Those were for high school and college folks for some extra cash. Much of this is the unintended consequences of the housing boom and bust. It's thrown everything out of whack and should have NEVER occurred.

My tune about this:

On 12/20/2013 01:50 PM, Mike Dixon wrote:
Let's see, she works about five hours a day and can't live on what she makes. Go to a community college, take some courses in something that will pay better and get a better job. Jobs like she has had for so long are usually considered entree level jobs and usually don't pay much. You get some work experience there, build a resume and go on to bigger and better things. Now, people want to be able to retire from McDonald's as a burger flipper after thirty years and have a 100% pension after putting all your kids through college and paying off the mortgage. I have to agree with Bhairtu for once, inflation if the culprit.

On Friday, December 20, 2013 1:13 PM, TurquoiseB <> wrote:
--- In, Bhairitu wrote:
> In discussions about the minimum wage on liberal talk boards I find
> myself in disagreement with my peers. I say the problem is not the
> minimum wage but inflation. Like Richard sez: "the rent is too damn
> high." I don't think raising the minimum wage is going to solve the
> problem. In San Francisco they are proposing raising the minimum wage
> to $15 an hour. Don't pack your bags yet, because rent there is way off
> the charts.
> Welcome to American Austerity.

*/I actually wrote, in my original version of this post, as a kind of "teaser" line before the URL, "Welcome to your future, America."

Then I deleted it, because I figured FFLers and TMers (not to mention Americans in general) wouldn't be able to handle that. Thanks for breaking the ice so I didn't have to. /*

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