Nandkishore, does he give satsanga?  Girish Varma seems to have an ashram for 
himself, that presumably our TM money built?  Is Nandkishore teaching 


 Om, does Nandkishore have any traction in the vacuum of Girish Varma being 
 “Nandkishore Brahmachari, the yogi's closest assistant” 
 Is it time to bring back an old war-horse?

 So, does our TM Shankaracharya  of Jyotirmaṭha: Vāsudevānanda Sarasvatī have a 
controlling hand or thumb over any of the Estate of our Maharishiji in India? 
And, the character of this guy? Does he give darshan or just sit in the chair? 
Is he scholarly and can give Satsanga? Can teach and advise technique? A Sat 
Guru kind of saint? What is he really like? Is he actually spiritual or was he 
just put in the job by Maharishi? I hear from travelers the guy is a grump. Who 
runs TM in India if Girish Varma either stays in jail or is put on 
administrative leave from TM? Does this  Vāsudevānanda Sarasvatī  guy's 
Shankaracharya organization get it to run or put someone in charge of the bank 
accounts and properties? With integrity? Will the Times of India report on 
this? Transcendental Meditators everywhere want to know these things?

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> Girish Chandra Varma, has been shifted to jail hospital Phopal, India because 
> of diabetic (he is a diabetic and takes insulin) and high blood pressure (his 
> car will be examined for rape evidence). 



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