In addition to being the 12th day of the 1st month, it is also MMY's birthday.


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 Ok, Richard, thanks for clarifying and Happy January 12 to you and Rita.

 What is January 12th?

 On Sunday, January 12, 2014 9:05 AM, Richard J. Williams <punditster@...> 
   > > Let's put it this way: nobody here knows anything about the
 > > Shankaracharyas. The only member of this list that knows
 > > anything about the Shankaracharyas is Vaj, and he's no longer
 > > posting anything.
 > >

 On 1/12/2014 6:29 AM, Share Long wrote:
 > ...did you see merudanda's chart?! He seems to know quite a
 > lot about the situation. Are you questioning the accuracy of
 > the info in the chart?
 Maybe I should rephrase what I wrote: Vaj isn't around any more to give 
 us any insider information on the comings and goings of the 
 Shankaracharyas of India.
 Apparently Vaj was over there and sat at the feet of the Shankaracharya 
 of Sringeri. Several years ago I used to get some insider information 
 when I frequented a nearby yoga camp at Barsana Dham, one of the largest 
 Hindu temples outside India, and I would overhear gossip from some of 
 the devotees over there. The resident Swami at Barsana was apparently a 
 direct disciple of SBS and claimed to have once been offered the 
 Jyotirmath seat. Go figure.



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