There used to be "five and dime" stores too. Dollar stores probably arise out of the fact that bigger stores wanted to devote their precious shelf space to costlier hence more profitable items. It appears that Dollar Tree eliminates vendors coming in to stock the shelves so a Dollar Tree truck just delivers all the inventory. The companies who set up deals with Dollar Tree probably just send their truckload(s) to a central warehouse. This obviously eliminates a lot of cost.

There also appear to be jobbers who supply the independent dollar stores in much the same way. Difference is that some of these stores will have additional items priced at more than a dollar. We just lost the nearby independent that just stocked dry goods not food like Dollar Tree. There was something said about the town council having something to do with pushing them out while a steak house went in to the location. More taxes from a steak house than a dollar store.

On 01/16/2014 07:47 AM, Share Long wrote:
Ann, I think dollar stores began with the idea that everything in the store cost one dollar. That idea has not been realized. Instead I think it's proved itself to be a clever marketing device to get people to come into the store and shop, thinking they're saving money.

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Richard, I love the Dollar General in FF. The manager is really nice. We also have Family Dollar. But my favorite is Dollar Tree which we don't have in FF but there is one in Annapolis and I shop there when I'm visiting my family. These dollar stores are a new development in my life and I have NO idea what's going on with that!

It always makes me laugh that these types of cheapo stores are called "Dollar" stores because any store that handles US or Canadian currency are technically "dollar" stores.

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    On 1/15/2014 9:24 AM, Share Long wrote:
    > Richard, here's my debit card adventure, a card which I NEVER use.
    > Except I had to in order to purchase gifts cards from the grocery
    > store here. They wouldn't let me use my credit card! That didn't
    > right to me but I went along with it because I was eager to
    finish my
    > Christmas shopping! I think I'm a slave to convenience.
    Yes, we used to use our debit card at stores and at the gas station.
    After reading about the the online hackers at Target and
    we won't be using our debit cards there any more! Now, we just use
    credit card at SAKS and get cash out of the ATM at the bank for
    at the Dollar General, which is only a few blocks away. Go figure.

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