Post numbers? (So we can read them) You must have recalled some of these things 
you wrote and about when you wrote them.

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 Barry, sweetie-poops, I've actually written quite a bit here about my 
spiritual experiences. You're the guy who's squirming because I unmasked your 
pose of being interested in such experiences (with a lot of inadvertent help 
from you, actually). You can't un-post your, er, contributions to this thread, 

 But as I say, keep going, by all means. The more people see of your hypocrisy 
and hatred, the better.

 > He has a real shitload of hatred and resentment he has to let loose. 

 Projection, honey-bunch. I'm just enjoying watching you squirm. :-)

*I*, after all, am not the person who has been unmasked as the person with the 
*least* actual spiritual experience of anyone on this forum. That's you. 

Let's face it...even Ann, Ravi, and Emily (two of whom never even learned TM) 
had more going for them than you did. They at least got to meet and interact 
with the teachers they claimed to be "studying with." 

Come to think of it, all of them had occasional stories to tell as well. That 
kinda leaves you as one of the only people on the forum who never has. Doesn't 
it ever *bother* you being the biggest poseur on the forum?  :-)

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